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Vi-PEC i44



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  • Tuning tools, QuickTune Mixture Table, Maths Key.
  • Launch Control (two step rev limiter based on vehicle speed).
  • Flatshift (change gears without clutch at WOT using standard gearbox).
  • Antilag (keep turbocharger on boost during gear changes) with turbo cooldown function.
  • Selectable ignition tables.
  • Up to 440 Zone Fuel Table with configurable load and RPM centres. MGP, MAP and load options.
  • 5D Fuel Mapping.
  • Many correction tables for precision fuel & ignition adaption.
  • Digital Trigger Decoding.
  • Reluctor, Optical or Hall Sensors.
  • Programmable filtering and arming thresholds.
  • Configurable trigger patterns or preset triggering options, such as, Multi tooth, missing tooth, Subaru, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Ford, Mazda, GM, Suzuki and Toyota triggers. Software selectable trigger angle.
  • Support for up to four rotor engines with ignition split.
  • Dedicated idle control with additional settings for better adaption to changing operating condition and a more stable idle.
  • Open loop boost control, switch boost pressures, different boost in each gear.
  • A/C compressor control.
  • Closed loop narrow band.
  • Closed loop wideband at WOT.
  • Tacho and speedo sweep function.
  • Cooling fan control.
  • General purpose control modules for O/P control. (use for variable fuel pump, power steering, inlet manifold air valves, extra temperature control devices etc) some of these are capable of PID feedback control.
  • Mapping via manifold pressure, throttle position, manifold and throttle or manifold.

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