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Vi-PEC i88

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Technische gegevens


Main Connector 2 x 34 Pin waterproof.


USB data link connector plus CAN

Case, silver extruded aluminium, 169 x 172 x 42 mm (overall).

40 MHz Specialised Automotive Microprocessor.

Ignition control to 0.1 degree, fuel to 0.01 ms –

32 Bit Calculation –
10 Bit ADC Resolution
Max 20000 RPM

ECU to PC data link operates at up to 115k baud for fast cal down load & Log file upload (19sec typ for 112k bytes). 112k logging memory.

Internal Diagnostic light & optional remote light.

High efficiency power supply & output drivers for reduced power consumption and reduced self-heating.

Eight ignition outputs. Secquential to 8 cylinders and wasted spark up to 16 cylnders.

Software selectable mappable dwell or O/P pulse duration modes possible.

Eight coil dwell, software selectable.
Eight high current injector outputs.
Spare injector and ignition outputs can be used for output control.

10 Auxiliary Outputs
11 Digital Inputs
4 Temperature Inputs
11 Analog Inputs
3 Load Inputs (MAP, TPS, MAF)
2 Trigger Inputs (Reluctor, Optical or Hall Sensors)
2 Knock Inputs



Support for Reluctor and Hall effect crank and cam sensers.


Camshaft & crankshaft sensor inputs individually software configurable for hall effect & reluctor sensor types. Response speed is also software configurable for improved noise immunity.

Eleven general purpose digital Inputs with logic level sensitivity & pullup to +5volts. Useable for speed measurement. Switch I/Ps. Four are useable for Camshaft position measurement.

Individual Cylinder Knock with support for two sensors.

Variable Camshaft control for up to four camshafts. VANOS and other VVT and VVT-i supported.

NTC or PTC air temp sensors, software selectable.

External 2.5 bar or 7 bar map sensor, software selectable.

Stepper motor idle control, two and three wire idle control.

Support for most idle valve type including 2 wire, 3 wire & stepper possible. Stepper pins can be used for spare outputs if not used for idle control.

Support for air flow meters.

Internal barometric pressure sensor.

Tacho & Diagnostic outputs.

E-Throttle (DBW, Fly by wire) option. No external controller required. The throttle control is built into the V88

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